Pest Control Treatments

New Age Pest Control provides the following treatments:

 Pest Control - Termites
Termite treatments are carried out when active [live] termites are located. One of the most common species of termite that attack houses is Coptotermes spp. Treatments vary in type depending on the individual house e.g. houses constructed on concrete slabs or on bearer and joists. There are two ways to treat termites, either a chemical application or a baiting system. This also depends on the type of property and also where the termites are located. In some cases we may recommend both a chemical and baiting system. Precautionary treatments can be carried out to deter termite entry.
 Pest Control - Spider
There are many different types of spiders, the most commonly found are black house spiders [Badumna insignis], white tailed spiders [Lampona cylindrata], huntsman spiders [Isopeda immanis] and daddy long leg spiders. To treat these we dust the roof void, weep holes if present and inside cavity sliding doors, aerosols surface sprays are used on skirting boards and cornis’s and the exteriors are treated with an approved chemical for exterior sprays.
 Pest Control - Cockroach
There are a few different species of cockroaches, most of which are not harmful to humans. However there are two species that inhabit houses that are potentially harmful to humans as they can spread certain pathogens that can cause illness, these are German Cockroaches [Blattella germanica] and the Australian Cockroach [Periplaneta australasiae]. We treat these cockroaches using baits, gels, dusts and aerosols surface sprays. In the case of a German cockroach infestation all the contents inside kitchen cupboards need to be removed before treatment. When the treatment is completed our technician will advise you on ways to help prevent a future outbreak of this cockroach. In severe infestations a follow-up treatment may need to be carried out in 21 days. When treating the Australian cockroach the roof space, weep holes and subfloor are dusted and an approved aerosol surface spray is used on skirting boards.
 Pest Control - Rodent
Rodents [rats and mice] can cause major damage to electrical wiring and air conditioning ducting which affects the capacity to heat or cool your home, this in turn costs you extra on your energy bills. We use baits placed where rodents are frequently located, these baits can take up to 14-21 days to take effect. In most cases the rodents leave the structure to locate water and do not return.               
 Pest Control
Fleas can become a major problem if not treated early. Your dog or cat must be treated with an approved flea treatment it’s best to consult a vet. Once the fleas on your animal are controlled we can treat the areas that are infested e.g. carpets, grounds and subfloor. We use dusts and chemicals registered for flea control to break the flea’s life cycle.                          
 Pest Control
The most common ants that infest households are Black and Brown ants. Black ants [Technomyrmex albipes] can cause damage to power points and can be treated by the use of dusts, gels and chemicals. Brown ants [Pheidole megacephala] can cause structural damage to pavers and driveways as they excavate the soil under these areas, they can enter properties to eat just about anything you leave out including toothpaste. The best way to treat these ants is by using granular and gel baits specific to this ant.
 Pest Control


Bees don’t usually bother people, however in spring and summer they swarm and the queen bee will enter properties via weep holes or unsealed areas around windows. They usually nest inside wall cavities unfortunately the bees can’t be extracted from the cavity so they are treated in this area with an approved pyrethroid dust.
 Pest Control
The most common wasps around the house are mud wasps and paper nest wasps, they form nests on external walls and under eaves. Mud wasps are a docile wasp that does not normally sting unless provoked. The paper nest wasp will attack if you get too close. We treat the wasps with dust, chemicals or aerosol sprays approved for wasp treatments. European wasp nests are normally located in gardens, inside retaining walls, under ornamental garden timbers etc. If you think you have located a European wasp nest don’t go near them as they sting repeatedly and are dangerous to humans call us and we will treat them.
 Pest Control
Silverfish can attack clothes and paper products such as books and files. We use synthetic pyrethroid dusts and liquids to treat these, also we can install pest strips in the roof void which can give a longer lasting control with severe infestations. These products are environmentally friendly.
 Pest Control
There are a number of different species of carpet beetle. The larva of the carpet beetle causes damage to carpet by eating the carpet fibers usually adjacent to skirting boards and in dark areas. In severe infestations the treatment may need to be re done two to three times. These treatments are usually carried out in the warmer months. The infected areas are treated with synthetic pyrethroid liquid. These products are environmentally friendly.
 Pest Control
These blood sucking insects are becoming a major problem in Australia because of international travel. Bed bugs can attach themselves to luggage and when this is put on a bed to unpack the bugs are transferred to the bed. The treatment for bed bugs has become specialized with a number of treatments available using chemicals targeting this specific insect.